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The Problem

We believe software development is broken today - thousands of tools, hundreds of tabs, and a lack of integration results in a slow, painful development process and a poor developer experience.

What we’re building

Manage your domains, deployments, projects, and your code from a single, powerful platform built for developer productivity and experience. Hundreds of integrations. One Dimension.

Dimension is built to handle everything from communication to deployment on a single platform. By seamlessly integrating the world's best developer tools, we're building delightful
experiences to make software creation a joy.

We're combining the power of GitHub, Linear, Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare and thousands of other developer tools into Dimension. We're crafting unified, tightly integrated tooling experiences that developers can leverage to ship the best
software possible - faster than ever.


Notable open-source developers and engineers waitlisted for our platform include Fred Schott (maintainer of Astro), Pawel Kuna (maintainer of Tabler), Matan Kushner (maintainer of Starship), Dave Di Biase (core member of Solid.js), Aiden Bai (maintainer of Million.js) and more.

Our Mission

We believe software development is broken today - millions of tools, hundreds of tabs, and a lack of integration results in a slow, painful development process and a poor developer experience.

We’re crafting a delightful development experience that brings back magic into the creation of software.


We’re a team of developers and designers, working
to bring other teams together through Dimension.

Tejas Ravishankar avatar
Tejas Ravishankar
Founder, CEO
Anton Starodubtsev avatar
Anton Starodubtsev
Chat Lead
Faisal Sayed avatar
Faisal Sayed
Full-stack Engineer
Clarence avatar
Full-stack Engineer
Ronit Panda avatar
Ronit Panda
Full-stack Engineer
Brendan Frisk Dubsky avatar
Brendan Frisk Dubsky
AI Engineer
Pramod Goyal avatar
Pramod Goyal
AI Engineer

Backed by Incredible Investors

Tom Preston-Werner avatar
Tom Preston-Werner
Founder, GitHub
Christian Reber avatar
Christian Reber
Founder, Pitch
Koen Bok avatar
Koen Bok
Founder, Framer
Christian Bach avatar
Christian Bach
Founder, Netlify
Michael Grinich avatar
Michael Grinich
Founder, WorkOS
Amit Singhal avatar
Amit Singhal
Prev. Head of Search, Google
Emery Wells avatar
Emery Wells
Founder, Frame
Evan Weaver avatar
Evan Weaver
Founder, Fauna
Shawn Wang avatar
Shawn Wang
Founder, Devtools Angels
Fredrik Björk avatar
Fredrik Björk
Founder, Grafbase
Amit Jain avatar
Amit Jain
Ex-Head APAC, Uber
Pankaj Gupta avatar
Pankaj Gupta
VP of Engineering, Coinbase
AngelSpark avatar
Angel Fund, Operators
Kunal Bisla avatar
Kunal Bisla
Prev. Netflix, Angel Investor
John Reinstra avatar
John Reinstra
Prev. Robinhood, Angel Investor
Prashant Kumar Gulati avatar
Prashant Kumar Gulati
President, TiE Dubai

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If you believe in our vision of crafting magical software experiences
for the next-generation of developers, we'd love to talk to you.


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