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Dimension raises $1.4M

Dimension raises $1.4M

Redefining how modern engineering teams collaborate.

Last year, we announced our initial fundraise of $400,000 to help build a collaboration platform for modern engineering teams. Since then, our incredible team has been busy building the first version of Dimension - a better way to build software together.

After almost a year of building, we're excited to announce that Dimension has raised a $1.4 million angel round.

I wanted to take a moment to share our journey building Dimension, and what's next for us.

Spearheading innovation in the collaboration space

Collaboration has, for too long, been stuck at the same place. We keep adding more tools to our stack, but still use the same clunky abstractions to communicate with our team. We context switch between dozens of tools every day to get our work done, and it's only getting worse.

Dimension is here to change that.

During our private beta launch at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 in San Francisco, we went viral. Our waitlist quintupled overnight, and we received overwhemling support from the developer community.

Our Investors

Most engineering teams are completely overwhelmed by the multitude of tools they must use daily. Dimension's new approach to create a tightly integrated chat platform that allows you to manage projects, deploy code, chat and code with your co-workers at the same time, really excites me. Tejas and his team are capitalizing on a remarkable opportunity to enhance team productivity tenfold. - Christan Reber, Founder of Pitch

We intentionally chose to raise from founders and operators who'd built and scaled successful companies before. We're excited to have backing from the best in the industry:

  • Christian Reber, founder of Pitch (Lead)
  • Michael Grinich, founder of WorkOS
  • Koen Bok, founder of Framer
  • Christian Bach, founder of Netlify
  • Emery Wells, founder of Frame.io
  • Amit Singhal, former Head of Search at Google

and many incredible operators.

Christian Reber avatar
Christian Reber
Founder, Pitch
Koen Bok avatar
Koen Bok
Founder, Framer
Christian Bach avatar
Christian Bach
Founder, Netlify
Michael Grinich avatar
Michael Grinich
Founder, WorkOS
Amit Singhal avatar
Amit Singhal
Prev. Head of Search, Google
Emery Wells avatar
Emery Wells
Founder, Frame
Evan Weaver avatar
Evan Weaver
Founder, Fauna
Shawn Wang avatar
Shawn Wang
Founder, Devtools Angels
Fredrik Björk avatar
Fredrik Björk
Founder, Grafbase
Amit Jain avatar
Amit Jain
Ex-Head APAC, Uber
Pankaj Gupta avatar
Pankaj Gupta
VP of Engineering, Coinbase
AngelSpark avatar
Angel Fund, Operators

What's next?

We're excited to continue building Dimension, and we're hiring across the board. If you're interested in joining us, check out our open roles.

If you've joined our waitlist, we'll be sending out invites soon. We're excited to have you onboard!


Ready to join a new Dimension?
Ready to join a newDimension?

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